Visiting Tel Aviv Should Include a Relaxing Massage

When visiting Israel, many people visit the area of Tel Aviv. Known as the “city that never sleeps,” Tel Aviv is situated on the central coast of the country, close to the beach, and offers attractions such as historical sites, museums, great shopping, parks, and luxury spas. The latter offers amenities such as high-quality manicures and pedicures, facials, and of course, massages. Massages are a great tool to help you at the end of a long day of sight-seeing and allow the recipient to completely relax in a soothing and quiet atmosphere. Massages are the perfect treat at any point in your sometimes hectic vacation.

Types of Massage

When you visit a masseuse, you can usually choose a particular method of massage, and there are various kinds to choose from. Thai massage is very popular, mainly because the recipient is usually wearing loose clothing instead of being partly nude. In Thai massage, a variety of techniques are used, such as acupressure, light pulling of body parts such as fingers and toes, applying a pressing technique to various parts of the body, and walking on the back. The customer is also moved into several yoga-type positions to more fully enjoy the procedure. Thai massage combines acupressure and yoga-like positions and uses no oils or lotions.

Oil massages can be deep-tissue or other types of massages, and they use a variety of oils and lotions, many with therapeutic effects due to the essential oils with which they are made. Massages of all types can be performed on the whole body, or only on certain parts of the body – the neck and shoulder, for example, since this is where many people feel tension, as well as a massage that is done only on the feet. When performed on the feet only, massage is called reflexology. Reflexology also uses essential oils and hence, has therapeutic effects. Massage in Tel Aviv includes all types of massages, and each varies somewhat; however, they all have one thing in common – a massage is an excellent and all-natural stress-relieving technique enjoyed by millions of people every day.

After a full day of sight-seeing in Tel Aviv, treat yourself to a relaxing and luxurious massage. Massages will leave you feeling totally relaxed, regardless of what the day has brought to you, and will allow you to be totally prepared for whatever lies ahead.

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