Tel Aviv Bauhaus

Bauhaus, or the white city of Tel Aviv is a metropolitan that boasts the largest groupings of buildings built in international style. These buildings were designed and built by renowned Scot; Sir Patrick Geddes . The white city has about 4,000 buildings constructed in the 1930s until 1948 when Israel became a sovereign state. The white city is situated between the Mediterranean Sea in the west, Ibn Gvirol Street in the east, Yarkon river in the north and Allenby street in the south. Majority of the buildings in this city were designed by Jewish architects who had studied in Europe. This group of Europe-schooled Jewish architects created a new architectural language that is characterized simplicity, asymmetry and functionality.

Some of the common features of buildings in the city are flat roofs, balconies, thermometer windows and building pillars. The white city tells the tale of Tel Aviv from the past to the present. Unlike other sites, the white city offers a visitor the chance to learn more about Tel Aviv from new and interesting perspectives. While there, a visitor also gets the chance to learn more about the international style including its origins as well as finding out more about Tel Aviv Bauhaus architects.

Central Tel Aviv is a beautiful mix of old charm with modern shine. Not pretentious but still a well pampered city. Architecturally the feel is of a quiet Paris suburb, not a dense New York street. Here small four story residential buildings along shady streets mix with wide commercial boulevards with shops, restaurants and cafes. Tel Aviv is considered one of the most livable cities. This makes for a wonderful vacation and business visit. Get your bearing by picking a hotel and a few places you would like. Central Tel Aviv has great restaurants and shops and a few historical sights. At night there is music pumping clubs and quiet pubs. Here are also the theaters and music halls with classical, Jazz, eastern and western music to enjoy. If you like walking or bicycling, plan a day seeing one of the worlds best Bauhaus architecture. A tour of historical homes of Ben-Gurion, Chaim Nachman Bialik and Dizengoff will change your perspective of Israel. Learning about Tel Aviv’s humble beginnings gives one understanding of the amazing accomplishment of the city and the state of Israel.

Every Saturday at 11:00 there is a free tour in the English language. The meeting point is 46 Rothschild blvd (corner of Shadal St.)

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