Organized tours – experience Israel in the fullest manner possible

Anyone who had ever been to Israel knows that the rules of any other travel destination aren’t applicable to the Holy Land. While there are many spots all around the world with rich history and influences of various cultures, Israel remains highly multi-cultured up to these days. Plus, the uniqueness of the Israeli day-to-day reality often intimidates the potential tourists, but those who had spent at least few months in Israel know – there’s no place like this country all around the world. And in order to experience and comprehend this notion to its fullest, an organized tour is highly recommended.

What will you achieve through an organized tour?

Organized tour in Israel doesn’t mean that you’re going the same route like everyone else. Quite the opposite: it means that an experienced guide is combining together all the locations you’d like to visit, plus recommending other, similar places that are probably not as known as the most cultivated ones (and as many admit – sometimes the more obscure sites are the most memorable). All this data is being inserted in one route, in the most logical and convenient way, aimed to spending as less time on the road and gaining as many time and quality experiences as possible, whether the trip lengths 3 days, or 2 weeks.

The advantages of planning a trip with Tzur Tours

These days, tourists appreciate personal approach more than anything – and that’s exactly what Tzur Tours is intending to bring to each and every one of their visitors. Each tour is being custom-tailored to the needs and desires of the group or even for the one individual who wants to have the most of the trip.

Plus, Tzur Tours is a compact company which delivers everything a tourist may need in the most comfortable, fast and sufficient way. Having the perfect vehicle for trips both in the cities, among the mountains of Jerusalem or the sands of the Judean Desert – Tzur Tours will make sure you feel comfortable for every moment of the trip.

Various options for tours

Besides the custom tours, you can also choose from the variety of well-known, time-tested tours with a private guide in Israel organized by Tzur Tours to create the most engaging and enchanting experience for those who visit Israel for the first time, or those who want to see a new image of this multi-faced country, mingling together the mystery of the East and the fast pace of the Western world.

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