Tel Aviv: Where the Action is

Most people know that Tel Aviv is a city with a rich cultural history. But even more than that, did you know that Tel Aviv is known as one of the most action packed cities in the world? With such a wide range of things to do, Tel Aviv shines bright for tourists, long-term visitors and residents alike.

It doesn’t matter what your interests are – Tel Aviv has something to offer everyone, from children to adults, sports-oriented people to club hoppers to naturalists, you can find it in Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv’s great history is on display all over the city from historic sites like Old Jaffa, famous for its biblical association to Tel Afek, where many archeological excavations have taken place. Tel Aviv’s old port area is also being built-up and provides a nice diversion to passers through.

Those into art or Israeli culture, as well as those who want to learn more about Israel’s deep rooted history can spend a pleasant day at one of Tel Aviv’s many great museums, including The Tel Aviv Museum of Art, the Museum of the Jewish People, The Rueven Rubin Museum, the Bauhaus Museum and many more. Many teachers also bring schoolchildren to any number of Tel Aviv’s great museums which provide a rich learning experience.

For those who are looking for a bit of relaxation (and who could use some), Tel-Aviv has an abundance of offerings. Those into nature may find themselves at any number of amazing beaches, full of soft sand and beautiful, calm and relaxing blue waters, at the promenade, or tayelet, the beautiful paved beachside walkway overlooking the beach, getting a soothing massage in Tel Aviv, or at one or more of the many botanical gardens, children’s parks, gardens and nature parks dotted throughout the area.

For those people spending time in Tel Aviv who wish to spoil themselves a bit, Tel Aviv has a multitude of shopping, among the stores scattered around the area, Azraeli Mall can be found right on the train line and many designer boutiques can be found on major streets like Dizengoff, while the Carmel open air market offers a taste of flavors, such as spice shops, sweets, fruits and vegetables and more. You can also wrap up your shopping spree by treating yourself to a wonderful massage in Tel Aviv to work out the kinks of a hard day of carrying bags filled with all your purchases.

Once you’ve finished your daily activities, don’t forget, Tel Aviv offers a rich nightlife as well, with many top-of-the –line restaurants featuring a variety of cuisines, music, coffee bars, shows, clubs and more.

No matter what your style, Tel Aviv has something to offer everyone.

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