Living Life to the Fullest in TLV

Tel Aviv is famously the ‘city that never sleeps’, known worldwide for its 24-hour, non-stop nightlife. The city teems with restaurants, bars and clubs that stay open until the early hours, attracting people to drink, eat, and have fun. Tel Aviv port, as well as Dizengoff and Ben Yehuda Streets, feature door to door pubs, clubs and restaurants, and in the summer, and on most warm days during the year, these areas attract a lively, 20 – 30 aged “partygoer’s” crowd from abroad, the city itself, and the wider Gush Dan area.

Lilenbloom and Nahalat Binyamin Streets, on the other hand, are full of trendy pubs and a sophisticated crowd who frequent both the indie and more mainstream bars and clubs. Florentine, in Southern Tel Aviv, is a small cozy neighborhood which attracts young and ‘arty’ types.

Tel Aviv is also home to a thriving gay community, with loads of clubs and parties, many of which have been running for years. There’s also a gay beach next to the Hilton Hotel that gets packed with Israelis at the weekends. Tel Aviv also hosts a hugely successful Gay Pride each year – an annual highlight which attracts more and more people who know to expect an energetic and unforgettable event.

When not partying, there are plenty of other pursuits to follow in Tel Aviv. The markets bustle all day long with the Flea Market, the Antiques and Secondhand Artists Fair – as well as the major malls offering shopping opportunities aplenty.

The Promenade – or ‘Boardwalk’, which takes in the entire beach area from the port to Old Jaffa, features 13 beaches, most of them with cafes or bars which have tables on the sand. Tel Aviv’s incredible beaches are renowned for their cleanliness, safety, and variety of amenities including maintained showers and changing rooms.  Always a main drawing point, Saturdays are the busiest on the beaches – so it makes perfect sense to get here as early as possible if you want a good spot.

Experience the fun of TLV – from a distance

Being located in party central has its up and downs – while you love it for its cosmopolitan, vibrant atmosphere you may crave respite from the endless activity.

In order to sample all that Tel Aviv has to offer while enjoying a good night’s sleep in a less hectic location you could opt to rent a villa in Israel.  Visitors from abroad and young Israelis who want the Tel Aviv lifestyle without the stress of city living and expense will find renting a villa in a nearby town makes perfect sense. Herzliya Pituach, Ramat Gan, Bat Yam, Givatayim and Holon are excellent options to consider.

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