Israel Tour

 Israel is one of the most beautiful countries in the world that gives tourists a variety of experiences through its history, demography, archeology, cuisine, tradition and religious practices as well as its modern hi tech architecture. The country of the Holy Bible and holy cities hosts the three main religions.

Arriving at New Ben Gurion central airport within 15 minutes one is already taking a tour of Tel Aviv – a modern city. The city that never sleeps, with amazing beaches, vast boulevards, parks, a river, galleries, fancy shopping stores, good restaurants and coffee shops.

Israel tours can include of course Tel Aviv city. Tel Aviv is a young and vibrant city offering beautiful hotels and a variety of cheap hotels and vacation apartments for the ones who chose to stay the night. Nightlife in Tel Aviv offers many possibilities of nightclubs, pubs, bars, great restaurants with an eclectic cuisine that combines all cultures present.

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A tour of the capital of Israel – Jerusalem, with its full history, embracing all the religions in the oldest and the holiest cities in the world, will be unforgetful.

A must see for amazing archeology are cities by the sea. The beautiful ancient city of Cesarea fascinating by its great excavations, the king Harods Palace. The beauty of the sea surrounding this old city is absolutely breathtaking. In The north of the country, the city port of Haifa is located on the Mount Carmel. There, a visit to the Baha’i Gardens, will touch one by its wonder of the stunning colors of the flora. Going a bit northern is the city of Akko, an ancient city with beautiful archeology and history as well.

Heading south to the Dead Sea by the desert – the lowest point on earth, situated on the Valley of the Jordan River, known for its therapeutic attributes, spas and the best massages and beauty treatments. The products of the Dead Sea are well known all over the world, all enriched with minerals and curing salts.

Finally but not least, is the capital city of tourism in Israel – Eilat. One of the most touristic attractions situated in the desert and surrounded by Red Sea, beautiful beaches and vast chain hotels. Israel is a special place to visit that makes a real impact on a person trough experiencing so many things in one place and it is a certain place to return once again.


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