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Above all Tel Aviv is a modern city. Only 100 years old and mostly built after 1945. The city was built in short burst which gives it the city it’s section by section division. Tel Aviv is the seam between eastern and western traditions. Europeans with their engineering and business practices built Tel Aviv to western standards. North Africans and middle-easterners brought music, food, language and community culture. These two are fused in everything you see and hear. Musical performances range from classical European to classical Arab. You can find restaurants from five star classic French Haute-cuisine (Brasserie, Tzel ha’yam) to classical Persian, Yemenite and north African blocks away. Artsy movies in German and French are screened next to Hollywood block busters.
Israel’s economic growth is driving the commercial retail world as well. Fashions from Paris, New York and Milan can be found in boutiques and malls here. Three large malls: Azrieli, Dizengoff and Ramat Aviv a home for over 500 name brand shops. Tel Aviv adopted shopping trends from Europe and the US to make it a truly unique place to find any international item you may fancy.

Note: Gan Ha’yir (City’s garden) is a small mall with a few exclusive shops. It is build half under ground with a large opening in the center. Located on Iben Gvirol street it is surrounded by restaurants.

Tel Aviv Culture, from classic European to African beat

Tel Aviv’s music halls and bands are one of its hidden secrets. Travelers are often surprised by the quality of Israel’sphilharmonic and ballet company. Israel’s conservatories have been turning out great musicians and many exceptional ones came with the Russian immigration in the 1990s.
Museums and galleries are Tel Aviv’s a wonderful treat to visitors. Israeli painters and sculptures have been quietly crating for decades. Gordon street between Dizengoff and Ben Yehuda is a short block lined with galleries. Here you will find both Israeli and international artists on display.

Each of Israel’s art and cultural fields goes through a creative phase every few years. The last few years (2005 to 2009), Israeli pop music has been on a creative spurt. A mix of Arab melodies, western electronic instruments and American country and western lyrics are blending into an exotic musical style. The new “mizrachi” style is luring people to clubs, moving them on wedding dance floors and burning up download sites. This example of blending Arab, European and Israeli elements into an exotic blend can also be seen in other cultural and artistic areas. The combination of eastern, western and local elements is seen in many different Israeli art forms. Hebrew has come to it’s own in theater and movies. The rise of Hebrew in the arts is actually having an isolating affect on tourists. Without knowledge of Hebrew visitors to Tel Aviv miss a great deal. Painting, sculpture, photography and crafts are unique and interesting surprises Tel Aviv has to offer. The visual arts are specially strong in Israel. Tel Aviv and the surrounding towns (Ramat Gan, Holon, Hertzelia) have many museums and galleries. Malls, schools and civic centers also  display local artists regularly.

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