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Want a great hotel room in a perfect spot? Looking to walk to the beach? Are you a nightlife seeker? Are you a history buff? Tel Aviv has unique styles to offer every visitor. We are here to help you find a great room in the right part of town. A few hints of where to see and do what you like: many cuisines, culture of all kind, walking and bicycling in beautiful and historic areas and great weather year around. StayIn-Tel-Aviv.com is all about Tel Aviv Hotels and Accommodation. Here you can find wide array of Hotels, Cheap Hotels and Vacation Apartments to suit every need. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a cheap or a luxurious hotel in Tel Aviv as both can be booked in our Website! You can also enjoy our Experts Advice by clicking “Ask Our Local Expert” or check our Tel Aviv Lodging Guide for more information about Tel Aviv Accommodation.

Vacation in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is the cultural capital of Israel and offers many hotels, restaurants, events and tourist attractions. Mediterranean beaches line the west edge attract crowds from May to September. Tel Aviv’s history goes back 100 years. Tel Aviv’s beginning from the Zionist movement to the Bauhaus architecture are some of the amazing stories. Jaffa’s architecture and stories goes back hundreds of years  is a piece of traditional middle-east history. At night clubs and bars thump out music especially hip-hop and variations of all kind. Tel Aviv’s unique Mediterranean architecture has earned a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site designation. A mix of architectural styles and continuous preservation for 100 years are a delight to urban and architecture tourists.

For summer tourists a four mile long promenade lines the western edge of Tel Aviv. Beaches, restaurants, bars, hotels and shops line this part of town. Luxury to economy in hotels, restaurants, guided tours and entertainment are available here. Year round outdoor weather gives the city a resort feel with cafes, bars and restaurants influenced by European and middle-eastern flavors. To find the place that will make your vacation a dream, you can start here, on: Tel Aviv Hotelz website (written in Hebrew) to select the correct hotel for you. According to your budget, the location and other parameters.

Is your style luxury? Five star hotels (The Carlton, The Sheraton, Isrotel Tower) and luxurious boutique hotels are along the Mediterranean beaches and in the center of town. Stay in areas with world class restaurants and original Israeli boutiques (jewelry, gifts, crafts). In older established north Tel Aviv section are tree lined streets along residential buildings. North Dizengoff street from Dizengoff circle to Yermiyahu is lined with dress and jewelry shops, small cafes and a few restaurants. At night, Tel Avivians come out for dinner and a drink with friends.

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